Sustainability and Our Community

At D6 and the wider Connetico group, we acknowledge the imperative on businesses to create positive change for the planet. We are committed to taking action to minimise our footprint, understanding that the choices we make today have a lasting impact on our future. Our vision is to create a responsible sustainability-driven organisation for our people and to become advocates for change to help inform and inspire others.

At the centre of our vision is to be an enabler and supplier of choice for our customers and their economic, social and governance (ESG) aspirations using a cloud native capability. This extends to our customers’ end-users and has an impact that spans across our planet.

We work with multiple technology partners whose purpose and methodology are vital to environmental sustainability and who have publicly announced their own targets and practices. One of our sibling businesses, Arinco, won the Microsoft® ANZ Azure (cloud) Partner of the Year in 2023. Microsoft® is a Race to Zero™ partner, The Climate Pledge achieving a carbon net zero in 2012 and announced their intention to be carbon negative by 2030.

Another of our sibling brands, Cevo, is an Amazon Web Services (cloud) partner. AWS has also publicly committed to building a sustainable business for their customers and the world “designing data centers that provide the efficient, resilient services… minimising our environmental footprint – and theirs.” By working with AWS, our brand Cevo will be on a path to enabling our end user customers powering operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025, as part AWS’ commitment to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. In 2022, 90% of the electricity consumed by AWS was attributable to renewable energy sources.

Both partners’ renewable investments help power data centres throughout the world. By working with these partners, we enable our customers to minimise their environmental footprint when making cloud technology choices, as partners like Microsoft and AWS are committed to purposefully engineer carbon out of their value chain.

Our partners’ values align closely with ours and we work together:

  • Using cloud technology where our consultancy teams innovate and deliver more sustainable solutions with our customers
  • To advance AI solutions for business including those with greater climate impact
  • To create tools that advance emissions measurement and compliance

D6 is Australia-based and we take our local ESG responsibilities standing behind the government’s plan for Australia achieving Net Zero by 2050. Our approach is founded on adopting standard ‘measure, reduce and contribute’ practices in our collective journey towards Net Zero and ensuring authenticity and transparency as we can adapt and uplift our practices.

Our work centres around cloud migration and capability, which, by definitions allows us to enable our end user customers to reduce their environmental impact.

Where possible, our offices are situated in highly efficient buildings, with minimum 5* NABERS ratings.

Our people may work remotely which reduces traffic into the office. Our offices are located in low emission transport sites with employees and visitors able to walk, ride or take public transport to work.

We use centralised waste management systems to allow greater uptake of recycling and composting.

We ensure our people work in a diverse, safe and respectful environment with active corporate governance oversight. In 2023 we reviewed and updated our people policies and training to reflect changes to regulations and the evolving workplace post-pandemic.

We minimise and, where possible, offset all air travel.

As a paperless office, we leverage cloud-based solutions to minimise our paper consumption and promote a sustainable working environment. We utilise reputable providers who share our commitment to sustainability and prioritise responsible practices.

We understand we are experts and caretakers of critical information in the work we do. In 2022, the Connetico group initiated a Cybersecurity Steering Committee to provide education and safeguards to employees on this important initiative covering not only our business and our people, but awareness and protection of our customer’s personal information and data security.

Our Community

At D6, our passion for applying technology for positive change has always been part of who we are. From partnering with our customers to create meaningful outcomes that contribute to our society, to helping to grow a diverse IT workforce in Australia, we stand by our commitment to play a part in addressing the challenges facing our community and society today.

D6 and Cevo partnered with for-purpose organisation, Centre for Social Impact, to build Indicator Engine, a solution that will help save Australia’s for-purpose sector $300 million in evaluation annually, and provide a standardised measure for complex social problems. This solution aims to strengthen Australia’s social impact sector by providing them with cloud-based evaluation tools to understand the true impact of their programs and initiatives in issue areas such as climate change, homelessness, poverty, youth, disability, mental health, Indigenous rights, and women’s rights. Cevo was awarded the AWS Social Impact Partner of the Year in 2022 for this collaboration.

Affecting change for good

Giving back to the community that supports us is important. Our people are involved in various initiatives that provide a direct connection with our community through contributing the lives and wellbeing of Australians.