Enhancing project visibility: Tier one financial organisation’s journey with Jira for real-time insights

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A leading Australian financial services organisation faced the challenge of migrating over 700 batch jobs to AWS cloud, while ensuring seamless project management and compliance. D6 set up Jira tools to streamline project management, resulting in improved visibility, enhanced productivity, security and compliance, and stakeholder satisfaction, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth in the dynamic financial landscape.

Business challenge

A leading financial organisation embarked on a strategic migration of over 700 batch jobs across three workstreams from an on-premises datacentre to AWS cloud. With a tight completion deadline looming, the organisation needed to overhaul its project management approach, team structure, and governance practices to improve project visibility, meet stringent compliance requirements, and ensure a seamless migration process. They had introduced Jira software and Jira Align for real-time metrics tracking, however managing multiple workstreams led by different delivery managers posed a significant challenge. Configuring these tools to capture stream-specific metrics while ensuring project delivery needed careful consideration.


The financial organisation partnered with D6 and Cevo to optimise the setup of Jira tools, recognising the enterprise scale and complexity of the project. Leveraging Jira Align, we tailored the configuration to address project management and real-time insights requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. Jira Align proved invaluable in capturing metrics from a business and high-level perspective, seamlessly integrating with Jira Software to provide real-time insights into project progress.

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D6 began with the categorisation of work into features, resembling epics, to establish a structured framework for project management. With bottom-up estimations for each feature, including detailed phases and tasks, we ensured accurate planning and resource allocation. Building on this foundation, D6 enhanced Jira with detailed stories across features, streamlining agile sprint planning. Sprints, set at two-week intervals and aligned with the estimations, enabled efficient task and resource allocation. Prior to each sprint, we held backlog grooming sessions to refine stories for clarity and execution readiness. Sprint planning meetings fostered collaboration and alignment towards common objectives.

Source: https://www.atlassian.com/agile/tutorials/jira-confluence-sprint-refinement

Leveraging Jira’s robust features, the organisation gained visibility into team velocity and scope changes during sprints. Dashboard views and burndown reports enabled easy identification of velocity issues, facilitating agile adaptation of sprint planning. Dynamic resource allocation across simultaneous features ensured the best use of team members’ skills and expertise.

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D6’s configuration and use of Jira software including Jira Align has provided the financial organisation with the tools and insights needed to effectively navigate the complexities of their cloud migration within the required timelines, resulting in outcomes including:

  • Improved project visibility: Real-time insights into project progress has enhanced visibility across the three workstreams, enabling informed decision-making and proactive risk management to mitigate potential delays and bottlenecks.
  • Enhanced productivity: Streamlined project management processes and agile sprint planning enables the organisation to better track team velocity and scope changes, resulting in increased productivity, improved resource allocation and efficient task prioritisation.
  • Timely decision-making: Comprehensive metrics collected via Jira Align enables data-driven decision making aligned with business objectives, minimising project disruptions and ensuring on-time delivery of projects.
  • Improved stakeholder satisfaction: Efficient and transparent project delivery has improved stakeholder satisfaction, with clearer communication, reduced project risks, and timely delivery of high-quality outcomes benefiting clients, internal teams, and management.
  • Sustainable growth: D6’s successful configuration and ongoing project management approach has laid the foundation for sustainable growth, equipping the organisation to tackle future challenges and seize new opportunities in the dynamic financial services landscape.

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