Designing and delivering digital experiences

About Us

D6 Consulting was founded by two experienced leaders who want to make a difference in the IT industry. Starting with our own principles, we lead by example, enabling a diverse and inclusive environment as digital innovation is as much about people as it is about technology. 

D6 Consulting exists to support the business side of digital transformation projects. Creating experiences based on human-centered design philosophy, we implement through tried and tested project management and business analysis techniques, while focusing on enabling teams to change behaviour through improved user experience and effective change management. 

D6 Consulting offers six in-demand capability areas

Project Management

Shape and deliver projects to drive business values.

Business Analysis

Understand today's problems and build a vision for tomorrow's needs.

Change & Adoption

Build confidence to transition and adapt to a new digital world.

Experience Design

Simplify, humanise and build products to deliver real value to end-users.

Product Management

Develop and execute product roadmaps to deliver exceptional digital experiences to customers.

Information Architecture

Support customers and users with organised information structures.

Our approach to implementation focuses on the six human centred pillars of digital transformation.

User Experience

Our design services ensure the solution is driven by your customer insights and experience.


Our expert team knows how critical our people are to success, we bring them on the journey and provide support to upskill them.


Return on investment is only realised when new ways of thinking, behaving or working are adopted by your people.


Enabling organisations to completely disrupt the current business processes.


To implement such disruptive change, we need a top-down approach to lead the strategic goals.


People matter most, change is planned, we lead organisations into a culture that transforms on its own.

What our customers say

John Issa


“Go Big Media joined forces with D6 and Cevo to perform an AWS cloud native discovery to design and architect a state-of-the-art solution for a document verification product called ‘Go Check ID’.

Go Big Media thanks the creative thinking, professionalism, innovation and amazing teamwork from both D6 and Cevo.”

Craig Moseley

Digital Transformation Director At amp

“D6 worked with us at AMP to support a major strategic project, CloudX, to shift our core banking systems into AWS cloud.

The D6 Scrum Masters, and Project Managers that worked on the program were all highly competent, hard-working, and totally committed to helping the program achieve its business outcomes.”

Bruce Davidson


“Mediality Racing banded together with D6 and Cevo to modernise our ways of working and build a new racing database platform.

This project was, without question, the most successful software collaboration I have witnessed in my 12 years as CEO of AAP and now Mediality thanks to the creative thinking, professional skills, innovation, business intuition and magnificent teamwork from D6, Cevo and Mediality Racing.”