Defining and delivering modern cloud business solutions

D6 Consulting exists to bridge the gap between technology and business outcomes within your digital transformation projects. As a born-in-the-cloud digital consultancy, we deliver modern cloud business solutions to ensure that cloud migration, modernisation, data and AI programs produce the intended business outcomes.

We believe that true digital innovation is achieved when people and technology work hand in hand to drive business value. Creating experiences grounded in people-centred design philosophy, we implement innovative solutions using tried and tested project management and business analysis techniques. Our approach focuses on enabling your teams to foster change through improved user experiences, tailored designs and effective change management strategies.

Our services

Business consulting

Simplify your digital transformation journey with our specialist consulting services, guiding you as trusted advisors at every stage. 

Project management

Navigate your digital transformation with our agile, cloud-native teams, prioritising business value and customer focus at every step.​

Business analysis

Elevate your business through expert analysis, planning and transformation, driving digital innovation for exceptional outcomes.​


Unlock value for your people and customers through people-centred design, creating meaningful experiences and results that meet market demands.

Change & adoption

Guide the transition to your desired future state with our dynamic change management process, informed by best practices and deep insights.

At D6, we believe that true digital innovation is achieved when people and technology work hand in hand to drive business value.

Our difference

Our approach to implementation focuses on the six people-centred pillars of digital transformation.

User experience

We craft design solutions grounded in customer insights, tailored to enhance the user experience and ensure alignment with their needs.


We facilitate people-centric interactions, integrating teams into the transformation journey and providing support to upskill them for success.


We help adopt new ways of thinking or working to maximise return on investment, ensuring transformation is embraced and delivers tangible benefits.


We drive transformative change with a strategic, top-down approach, aligning goals to steer you towards success.


We enable organisations to disrupt current business processes, fostering a culture of continuous innovation and improvement.​


We place people at the centre of change initiatives, fostering a culture of continuous transformation where change becomes intrinsic.

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